How can we send out as many e-mails as we say we can? We own web sites that produce over 3 MILLION page views per month and are ranked in the TOP 1,000 of several well known web ranking sites for traffic.

Are these E-Mails all Opt In? YES! Anyone that gets a mailing from us has agreed in advance to receive mailings from us from time to time.

How will I know my mailing has gone out? We send you a e-mail the day before your mailing is scheduled to go out asking you to login to your account and make sure your mailing is correct. Your mailing will not go out until you have confirmed that the ad is correct! We also send a e-mail to you when your mailing has gone out.

Can I really send out 85,000+ E-Mails for FREE? YES! If you send the required number of members to join under you then we will send a mailing out for you to 85,000+. You can login to your account to see the required number of members you must send before your FREE mailing will be sent out.

Can I make money from this site? YES! You can join out AFFILIATE PROGRAM and earn a huge 50% of the first sale and then 10% of each months membership fee for as long as that person you sent is a member!

Why do I need to be a member to send out mailings? This is the easiest way to put your web site promotion on auto pilot because you enter your add one time and we do all the work for you from then on.

Do I need to worry about getting SPAM complaints from my mailing I send out? NO! Since all our members have Opted In to our sites and list they have agreed to receive mailings from us SO YOU ARE 100% SAFE!