Five Common Types of Watch Batteries

Through the years, watches have grown to be essential products to have as they not just help individuals keep monitor of time, but could also be employed as an alarm clock and a compass. Over time batteries in the timepiece can become level and need replacing. You may in addition realize that the watch functions of yours do not work as they’re intended or it’s not displaying the correct time. Nevertheless, while you are able to discover a plethora of retailers selling various kinds of watch batteries such as for instance lr44 battery equivalent, selecting the best one isn’t as simple as it may sound.

Moreover, watch batteries are identified by a set of standards as well as codes. Different mixtures of these numbers will determine the correct battery for the timepiece of yours and suitable versions, therefore you have to make the choice of yours wisely.

Continue reading to discover out 5 kinds of watch batteries.

Watch Batteries


The lithium batteries are perfect for watches as they’re not just compact in size, but are effective, with a capacity of three volts, the greatest readily available along with a lifetime of as much as a ten years when utilized in low-drain watches. These batteries can additionally be used in a timepiece with lights or any other energy-draining features.


Just about the most typical types of watch batteries, alkaline batteries are cheap and reliable batteries. Nevertheless, these is only going to last you a couple of months six at most- and you’re likely to have to invest in a different one. It’s an inconvenience to need to keep changing the battery of yours over and over, but in case you’re searching for an inexpensive way to power the watch of yours, alkaline batteries are the best bet of yours.


Generally lesser compared to the lithium batteries, mercury watch batteries have a capacity of 1.36 volts with an endurance much like which of the basic but with much more regular voltage. While these batteries have a great deal of shelf life, when you eventually run from juice, make sure to discard them correctly, as mercury is extremely toxic.


Reliable and eco-friendly, solar batteries are run by light which reaches them throughout the watch face, which implies you won’t ever have to change the battery power. Never to mention, solar cells don’t contain any of the dangerous chemicals present in the standard batteries, so disposal isn’t an issue.

Silver oxide –

The silver oxide batteries provide exceptional storage space capability as well as high end. Moreover, the 1.62 volt capability cellular shares the mercury’s continuous voltage and it is constructed at the exact same way.

Although the majority of watch batteries are interchangeable, in case the producer instructs one sort, you might be compromising the integrity of the watch in case you make use of a second. Although you are able to find a number of selling various kinds of watch batteries such as for instance lr44 equivalent batteries amongst others, ensure you find out what the timepiece needs of yours and what sort of power demand it’s. Based on what the needs of yours are, you are able to discover the things that work best.

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